Our project is born with the aim of combining different ballet cultures around the world.

The primary goal of the World Ballet Association is to give the dancer and choreographer a chance to work and experiment their ideas in the professional dance world.

As programmatic references will be created in various Italian and foreign regions, direct appointments organized by us, or partners who will be able to independently manage their show having the exclusive one, from each show there will be three nominations between the dancers and three of the choreographers of Every category and style, which will challenge the finals to decimate the champions of each category

The aim of the World Championship is to designate a winner among the dancers (all categories and styles in the race), and a winner among the choreographers (of all categories and styles).

The performance of the shows is between October and June, while the end date is between the periods of July, August and September.

During the events, parallel activities such as stages, workshops or work in progress are held by the same teachers who are gravitating to the orbit of the World Championships.

The will of the project is to create a wider working group, but only the people who adhere to the project and who collaborate in the first place.

For this reason the juries of all the approaches to the finals of the World Championship are formed by the same teachers who bring their own schools or their students.

The selection criteria for dancers / choreographers and choreographers will be, in addition to those agreed with the juries, supervised by the artistic director in order to ensure the smooth conduct of the selections and the correct applications of the previously agreed judgment criteria.

As this international project is being sought, foreign partners will be sought to make cultural interchanges.

Given the international perspective of the whole project, methods of media development will be sought in line with the importance of the event, information media will be sought that can cover all national and international territory using any means of communication, giving a lot of information And web advertising to reach all the countries in the world.

By way of choice the prize for world champions will not be in cash, but in scholarships, a total scholarship of € 3800.00 for the CFP in Rome, ie a Vocational Training Course, and other scholarships that Will alternate according to the place and the agreements between our partners. They will also have the option of being included in one of our partner companies. The same thing applies to the winning group, while the winning choreographer, beyond scholarships for his group or school, will be included in the circuit of our masters both on national and international grounds.

The project can have a testimonial which can change every year and can adhere to socio-cultural initiatives if any association or organization is required in both Italy and abroad.

The finals of our competitions will take place in Rome, but different cities can also be carried out, to give a more international character and reach most people.

Guests of the final evening will be selected by the Artistic Director in agreement with the organizers.