About Us

World Ballet Association is a section of the Cultural Mondial Dance Association in Rome directed by Stefano Sellati. www.mondialdance.it

This section was created to give birth to an event organization and competitions.

We started in 2011 with the first edition of the World Dance Championship, in other words the league of the world of academic dance, was born to give the opportunity to young dancers or choreographers of all nationalities to confront each other with the ultimate goal of offering Work with the best with our company AMD Company, or one of the partner companies that work with us.

The will to create a container so important comes from the desire to blend the different ethnic, social and artistic cultures present in Italy into a single creative and receptive talent building.

Putting talent at the disposal of art is generally the motivator of the project's designer, of making art cities that host the final stage of the festival, the cities of talent, ready to host what is Better the Tersicorean art expresses in all its forms and styles.

Today, in 2017, we have created a second Dance Dance competition, completely different from the first one, in terms of form and content, in fact it is a thematic competition, without distinction of dance styles, the themes are three: Horror, Comic and Dramatic.

Our projects, they want the integration of peoples and cultures to be the first talent expressed by the visual arts par excellence: DANCE.

The goal is not only to work for the winners, but also to the study. In this regard, we have set up high-level training for those dancers who want to make their dance, their profession.

Stefano Sellati (Artistic Director) will provide her professionalism, assisted by great dance teachers, to all participants in the CFP (Professional Training Course).

High-level courses can be accessed by invitation or scholarship which will be awarded during the selections or final of the various competitions. The courses will be held in Rome and will host the Mondial Dance directed by Master Stefano Sellati.

During the selections that will take place in other international competitions organized by other bodies, associations or structures, our managers will assign, besides the final passage of our competitions, scholarships for the CFP and for the various summer schools, internships and national partner schools And international.

Possibility of cultural exchanges with foreign countries, in fact, in 2012 the World Championship co-operated with the "Dance en Ville" festival in the city of Eupen (Belgium) and in 2013 a collaboration with the "Subterraneo" Of Mexico (Mexico), 2014 was born with the collaboration of SEA Dance Olimpics in Sozopol (Bulgaria), thus expanding into Eastern Europe the philosophy of the project. Next, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Sweden, Bosnia, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary.